Castell'Arquato (PC)


Our passion for the canine-human connection drives us. Although breeding is not our primary business activity, we dedicate a lot of time and resources to the well-being and training of our dogs, and by managing our kennel with thoughtfulness and passion, we give ourselves the freedom to make a limited and selected number of litters and to pursue the improvement of the breed’s standard rather than seeking profit. We’re self-reliant, but we’re also very collaborative and look to cooperate with those breeders who are motivated by our same approach. We may push beyond the boundaries of the bloodlines. Still, we never exceed the standards, and we focus on delivering healthy and great life companions able to fulfil the lives of future owners. Each of our Ridgeback will bear the JBR name when it will be registered with the Italian & French Kennel Club and are offered to qualified owners on a limited basis.


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